Configuring WAN connections

Configuring WAN connections
        WAN hardware
        WAN software

Administering the Systems file
        Configuring a simple UUCP connection
        The Dialup Systems Manager
        Adding a system entry to the Systems file
        Modifying a system entry
        Deleting a system entry
        Login chat scripts
        Adding a login chat script
        Modifying a login chat script
        Deleting a login chat script
        Restricting remote access
        The retry interval
        Specifying the retry interval
        Testing a connection with Uutry or cu
        Viewing the log files
        Viewing the devices
        Customizing the UUCP configuration

Configuring incoming call services
        Incoming call services (ICS)
                Call filtering
                Determining the call type
                Call service lookup
        Dealing with an incoming call
        The Dialin Services Manager
                Viewing call services
                Adding a call service
                Modifying a call service
                Deleting a call service
                Viewing call filters
                Adding a call filter
                Modifying a call filter
                Deleting a call filter

Configuring the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)
        Multilink PPP
        PPP configuration
                Outgoing PPP connections
                Incoming PPP connections
        Example PPP configurations
                Outgoing PPP over a modem
                Outgoing PPP over ISDN
                Incoming PPP over modems and ISDN
                Incoming PPP with callback
        The PPP Manager interface
        Using the PPP wizards
        Configuring a bundle
                Outgoing connection options
                Incoming connection options
                Link device selection
                Outgoing authentication options
                Network protocol options
                        IP options
                        Filter options
                        VJ compression options
                        DNS options
                Link protocol options
                Outgoing multilink options
                Advanced bundle options
                Callback options
                Bandwidth on demand options
        Configuring a link device
                Advanced link device options
                Link Control Protocol options
                Link quality options
                Advanced protocol options
        Configuring the authentication database
        Configuring global bundle options
                Incoming authentication options
                Multilink global bundle options
        For more about PPP

Configuring outgoing PPP connections
        The PPP Outgoing Connection Wizard interface
        Defining an outgoing PPP link
                Configuring a service provider
                Configuring PPP authentication
                Configuring a login script
                Configuring network protocol parameters
                Configuring name service
                Device Selection

Configuring incoming PPP connections
        The PPP Incoming Connection Wizard interface
        Defining an incoming PPP link
        Configuring remote access
        Configuring CHAP authentication
        Configuring PAP authentication
        Configuring a PPP user
        Configuring caller ID authentication
        Configuring network protocol parameters
        Configuring advertising of name servers
        Device Selection