Administering the Systems file

Configuring a simple UUCP connection

The two main files that need to be configured for a UUCP connection are the /etc/uucp/Systems file (see Systems(4bnu)) and the /etc/uucp/Devices file (see Devices(4bnu)). The Systems file contains a list of remote computers known to your computer, together with information on how to reach each of them. The Dialup Systems Manager can be used to configure the Systems file. The Devices file contains a one to one mapping between the communications devices connected to your computer and the device name used to access each.

To configure a UUCP connection, you must do the following:

  1. Configure the devices to be used for the connection, such as a modem or an ISDN adapter. This sets up the Devices file. (To view the devices available on your system using the Dialup Systems Manager, refer to ``Viewing the devices''.)

    See ``Configuring WAN connections'' for more information on how to configure your system for such devices.

  2. Add details of the remote computers with which your computer can communicate, and how they are reached. This sets up the Systems file.

  3. Test the UUCP connection.

To further customize UUCP, see ``Customizing the UUCP configuration''. See also ``Administering BNU''. For details on troubleshooting UUCP, see ``BNU troubleshooting''.

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