Configuring outgoing PPP connections

Configuring a service provider

Using the PPP Outgoing Connection Wizard, you can enter the following information about a service provider:

Provider bundle
Enter a name for the outgoing bundle. This name will be used to identify the service provider among the bundles listed by the PPP Manager. If you initiate the PPP link manually, this is also the name that you should use as the argument to the pppattach(1M) command.

NOTE: If you enter a name that contains space characters, these will be replaced by underbar characters ``_''.

Remote system name
Enter a name that will be used to identify the service provider in the Systems(4bnu) file, or select an existing entry from those listed. You can edit entries using the Dialup Systems Manager.

Telephone numbers
Enter the telephone numbers of the service provider by clicking on Add. Each number will be tried in turn until one is answered. If you are configuring the connection to use multilink PPP, you must enter at least as many numbers as there are potential component links. To change the order of an entry, select it, and then use the Raise and Lower buttons. Use the Delete button to remove an entry.

How to connect
Select whether the PPP link will be brought up on demand whenever needed by software such as a Web browser or telnet, or only by using the pppattach(1M) command to connect manually.

NOTE: You must select pppattach if the service provider dynamically assigns a potentially different IP address to your end of the link each time it is established.

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