Administering the Systems file

Testing a connection with Uutry or cu

Before trying the first UUCP connection request to a remote system, the connection should be tested with cu(1bnu) to ensure that it can be dialed and logged into manually. (This is also a useful method for establishing the format of login chat scripts.)

Once a successful log in has been established, use uucico(1Mbnu) to test that the chat scripts are correct and that a successful log in can be made automatically.

You can use Uutry(1Mbnu) to perform the testing. Uutry is a shell that invokes uucico -x to provide debugging information. See ``Using Uutry to debug uucp'' and ``Testing outgoing cu and uucp functionality'', and uucico(1Mbnu) for more information.

In addition, uucico writes messages into a log file for each transfer. Refer to ``Viewing the log files'' for how to view the logfiles of uucico and Uutry transactions with the Dialup Systems Manager.

See ``BNU troubleshooting'' for advice on troubleshooting the connection.

To test a connection with Uutry (or cu) using the Dialup Systems Manager:

  1. Select a system.

  2. Select Options -> Test connection -> uutry (or cu).

  3. If Uutry is being used to test the connection then click on Options. Enter an integer in the range of 1 to 10 in the Debug level field. Click on OK to confirm the level.

    Different amounts of debugging information are displayed depending on the level: 1 gives the least amount, and 10 the most. The default level is 5 which usually gives enough information to locate the connection problem.

  4. If cu is being used to test the connection then click on Options. You can change the information in the following two fields:

    Device to use
    Select the device from the list. The devices in the list are those specified as direct in the /etc/uucp/Devices file (see Devices(4bnu)).

    The debug mode (-d) of cu(1bnu) logs diagnostic information for both the conversation phase and the connection phase. Select enable to enable the debug mode. Select disable to disable the debug mode.

  5. Click on uutry (or cu) to test the connection to the remote system. The results of running the test commands are displayed in the Results field. The login chat script negotiations for cu are shown. The following phases of a file transfer for uucico are shown:

  6. Click on Stop to end testing.

  7. Click on Close.

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