Configuring incoming PPP connections

Device Selection

Using the PPP Incoming Connection Wizard, enter the following information about the devices that can be used to establish an incoming PPP link:

Flow control
Select the type of flow control to be used: Hardware (RTS/CTS), Software (XON/XOFF), or None.

NOTE: Flow control is not selectable for synchronous mode ISDN. For other types of devices, you should usually choose Hardware.

Multilink maximum links
Select the maximum number of devices that can be used for a multilink PPP connection to a remote host. This number cannot be greater than the number of devices that you select as being available to the link. If the remote side does not support multilink PPP or you want to disable multilink PPP, set the number of links to 1. If the number of links is greater than 1 and the remote side does not support multilink PPP, it should still be possible to negotiate the use of an ordinary unilink PPP connection.
From the list of available devices, select each device that will be available for use in establishing a PPP link, and click on Add >> to add it to the list. To remove a device from the list of selected devices, select it from the list and click on << Remove.

NOTE: For ISDN devices which support several channels, select the devices corresponding to the channels that you want to make available for a multilink PPP connection.

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