Configuring outgoing PPP connections

Configuring outgoing PPP connections

The SCO PPP Outgoing Connection Wizard allows you to define outgoing PPP links to Internet service providers or to PPP remote access servers that provide dial-in connections to a corporate or organizational intranet.

If you have several modems and telephone lines or several ISDN channels available on your system, you can configure PPP to use more than one device for your PPP link to a service provider. This facility is known as ``multilink'' PPP. It increases the amount of data that can be sent and received per second by sending and receiving data packets in parallel over the available telephone lines. To use this facility, your service provider must support multilink PPP. As you will be using extra lines which would otherwise be available to other customers, you should expect that there will be a supplemental charge for this service. SCO multilink PPP supports bandwidth on demand. It adds and removes links from the multilink bundle as network traffic increases and decreases.

If you want to set up PPP over dedicated serial lines, or to fine tune PPP for features such as bandwidth on demand or protocol configuration, you must use the PPP Manager directly. See ``The PPP Manager interface'' for more information.

For information about troubleshooting problems with PPP links, see ``Troubleshooting PPP links''.

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