Administering the Systems file

Restricting remote access

For a dial-out line, you may want to restrict outgoing calls to the evening when phone calls are cheaper. It is a good idea to allow a mismatch of say, 5 minutes, between your system clock and that of the phone company's.

You can specify the times when the local system is allowed to call the remote system, by specifying an access schedule. The schedule lists the days and the times of day when a remote connection can be made.

Restrictions can also be placed on the types of transfers that are allowed at specific times. Refer to the Grades(4bnu) manual page for more information.

To add an access schedule using the Dialup Systems Manager:

  1. Select System -> Add

  2. Click on Schedule.

  3. To disallow remote access on a specific day, select the day in the Configured In field and click on Delete. The day now appears in the Configured Out field.

    To allow access on a day, select that day in the Configured Out field and click on Add. The day now appears in the Configured In field.

  4. To restrict the time of access during the day, select a day in the Configured In field, and click on Restrict Time.

    You can change the information for any of the following fields:

    Restrict time
    Select Any to allow access at all times. A direct link is usually set up to run at Any time.

    NOTE: Selecting Any disables the following two fields.

    Start time
    Time (hhmm), in 24-hour clock format, from which remote access is allowed.

    Stop time
    Time (hhmm), in 24-hour clock format, after which remote access is denied.

    A time range that spans 0000 is permitted. For example, a start time of 0800 and an end time of 0600, means that access is allowed at all times, except between 6am and 8am.

  5. Click on OK to add the schedule.

Also present on this screen is the Retry Interval button which allows you to specify the retry interval.

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