Configuring the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

The PPP Manager interface

You can use the PPP Manager to define PPP bundles, link devices, and authentication database entries which will be used to establish PPP links.

NOTE: You must have already configured the communications device(s) that you intend to use for PPP. Suitable devices are modems, ISDN terminal adapters, and dedicated serial lines. See ``Adding and configuring modems'', ``Adding ISDN devices'', and ``The Serial Manager'' for more information on how to configure your system for such devices.

You can start the PPP Manager by selecting Software -> Configure PPP in the WAN view of the Network Configuration Manager.

The main screen of the PPP Manager shows configured bundles, link devices, or authentication database entries. To change which items are shown, use the View menu:

The meaning of the various icons which the PPP Manager can display are shown in ``Icons used in the PPP Manager''.

Icons used in the PPP Manager

See ``PPP configuration'' for a description of the terminology used in this figure.

To display more information about a bundle, a link device, or an authentication database entry, select it from those listed, and then select View -> Expand.

An expanded bundle entry shows which protocols it understands (such as IP and CCP) and which link devices it can use.

An expanded link device entry shows which protocols it understands (such as LCP).

An expanded authentication database entry shows the methods by which a name may be authenticated.

Similarly, select View -> Expand all to display more information about all configured bundles, link devices, or authentication database entries.

Select View -> Collapse and View -> Collapse all to hide the information displayed about one or all bundles, link devices, or authentication database entries.

The PPP Manager provides two wizards that help you to set up incoming and outgoing connections quickly and easily. These wizards are available from the bundle view by selecting Wizard -> Add. See ``Using the PPP wizards'' for more information.

To configure the global bundle which controls how PPP handles authentication and multilink for incoming connections, select Options -> Modify Global Bundle.

For more information about using SCOadmin managers, see ``Administering your system with SCOadmin''.

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