Configuring and administering SNMP

Configuring the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
        Overview of SNMP
                The SNMP protocol
                SMI: Structure of Management Information
                Management Information Base (MIB)
                How the SNMP agent and peers manage the MIBs
                        Tasks performed by the SNMP agent
                        Tasks performed by an SNMP peer
                SNMP PDUs and operations
                SMUX peers
                SNMP agents and management stations
        SNMP configuration
                Configuring SNMP with the SNMP Agent Manager
                        The SNMP Agent Manager interface
                        Selecting another host to manage
                        Configuring the SNMP ``system'' group
                        Configuring the SNMP ``communities'' group
                        Configuring the SNMP ``trap'' group
                        Configuring the SNMP ``peers'' group
        SNMP objects
                Definition files for SNMP objects
                        Refer to object definitions when setting object values
                UnixWare group and object descriptions
                        RFC 1213 (MIB-II) MIB
                        RFC 1514 Host resources MIB
        Using the SNMP commands
                Referring to object instances in commands
                The definitions file
                Getting a variable
                Getting ID variables
                Getting the next OID variable
                Getting many variables at once
                Getting routing information for a given network
                Getting routing information
                Getting a subset of routing information
                Modifying SNMP variables
                Viewing SNMP status
                        Viewing the system group status
                        Viewing active endpoints
                        Viewing the transport table
                        Showing the routing table
                        Viewing the address translation table
                        Viewing active interfaces
                        Viewing all objects in an SNMP group
                Testing trap delivery and reception
                        Supported traps
        Using SNMP to correct problems
                Removing an incorrect routing entry
                Obtaining remote system contacts
                Marking an interface down
                Removing an incorrect ARP entry
        For more about SNMP

The Intranet Management System
        Intranet Management System setup
                Installing IMS
                        IMS package dependencies
                Starting up IMS
                Pre-loaded MIBs
        The IMS main screen
        Managing SNMP node databases
                Adding and deleting a node
                Locating a node
                Reinitializing the node database
                Saving and loading a node database
        Managing MIB node data
                Displaying node configuration values
                Setting node configuration values
                Selecting and loading MIBs
        Reporting on Intranet hardware
        Managing SNMP traps
                Reacting to ``down'' nodes
        Refreshing the IMS view
        Exiting from IMS