The Intranet Management System

Reporting on Intranet hardware

To generate a hardware configuration report, select the Main screen -> Reports -> Hardware Report menu option. The report gives the configuration of all the nodes listed in the main screen and the status of any devices attached to those nodes. It may be viewed on screen or saved to a file, which may be either HyperText Markup Language (HTML) or plain ASCII.

The remote nodes to be reported must support the devices group of the Host Resources MIB (as specified in RFC 1514). See ``RFC 1514 Host resources MIB'' for a full listing of the groups and objects supported by this MIB.

A screen appears that identifies the devices attached to the identified nodes, and, where possible, lists their status. (Nodes are identified by a computer graphic, associated devices with a hardware card graphic.) Following a brief description of each detected device, a status declaration is given. The supported values for this column are as follows:

insufficient information could be returned

the device is up and running, and no unusual error conditions are known

the device is operational, but IMS has been informed by the device driver that an unusual error condition exists

the device is in testing mode, and is not available

the device is not available for any use

The third column returns the number of errors detected for the identified device.

To save the report to an HTML file, click on the Save HTML button. A standard file selection dialog screen appears. Ensure that the desired path and filename for the report appears in the ``Selection'' field, and click on OK.

You can spool a hardware report to a printer or save it to a plain ASCII file using the Print Text button. A printer dialog screen is displayed, asking for confirmation that the default printer is to be used: if not, you can specify a non-default device name. An error message is displayed if the requested device returns an error condition. Otherwise, use the standard menu option to specify the path and name of the text file to be saved.

Control returns to the hardware report screen when the print job has been spooled, or after the file save operation has completed.

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