The Intranet Management System

The IMS main screen

The IMS main screen's hierarchy of menu options is as follows:

The main screen displays a list of the currently managed nodes (and, in the bottom right hand corner, the total number). A status message of ``reachable'' alongside a node identifier indicates that the named node can be reached using ping(1Mtcp). An unreachable node is indicated by one of the status messages returned by ping. (The node currently being checked is identified by an arrow.)

The connectivity status information is automatically updated every five minutes. This default time can be amended, as described in ``Refreshing the IMS view''.

The services supplied via the menu options are applied to the node highlighted (using a single mouse click) in the main screen, unless that node is unreachable. One node (when the database is populated) is always ``current''; by default, this is the first in the list. If the node database contains no entries, all IMS operations requiring an existing node are disabled.

Double-clicking on a node entry displays the MIB values for that node. Details of the information returned in this case are given in ``Displaying node configuration values''.

Any operation, as accessed from any of the screens, may be interrupted by clicking on the Cancel button: to access the standard UnixWare manager help system, click on Help. Clicking on Cancel causes any pending changes to the database to be discarded, and control is returned to the main screen.

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