Creating SCOadmin wizards

Wizard specification file

The wizard specification file contains:

The framework first reads in the message catalog and strings necessary to construct the wizard. Any errors in the file will cause the framework to terminate (after displaying an error). Next, the values set for three arrays are copied into global arrays: This allows access to the user specification without repeated sourcing of the file.

``Wizard specification file format'' depicts the format of the wizard specification file (optional values are marked by an asterisk).

# Message catalog

# Callback routines

# Define the wizard:

set Wizard(title) string set Wizard(firstPage) page name set Wizard(previousLabel) string * set Wizard(nextLabel) string * set Wizard(initCB) callback * set Wizard(exitCB) callback *

# Define the pages that make up the wizard:

set Page(page name,title) string * set Page(page name,pixmap) string * set Page(page name,initCB) callback * set Page(page name,exitCB) [+page name | callback] set Page(page name,nextLabel) string * set Page(page name,previousLabel) string * set Page(page name,ui) {object specification ... object specifcation}

# Object specifications:

{Object {object value ... object value}}

# Object value:

ObjectType valid vtcl type | ObjectArguments vtcl arguments | \ ObjectName string | ObjectShortHelp short help specification | \ ObjectSaSelectHostParameters SaSelectHost parameters

# Short help specification:

[widget | widget name] string

# Define the layout of warning dialogs:

set Warning(warning name,title) string * set Warning(warning name,okCB) +[page name] * set Warning(warning name,okLabel) string * set Warning(warning name,cancelLabel) string * set Warning(warning name,message) string *

Wizard specification file format

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