Creating SCOadmin wizards

Page array description

The page array consists of the following:

Page(page name,title)
displayed above the pixmap in the left portion of the dialog. This value is optional. The pixmap specified gets displayed in the left portion of the dialog. If no pixmap is specified then no window space is allocated for the pixmap. In character mode, the pixmap is disregarded.

Page(page name,initCB)
called before a page is displayed. The initCB is called each time this window is displayed. This may be the first time or it may be after an error. It is up to the initCB to set the values of any of the input fields on this page that might be dynamic. The value passed to the routine is the widget value of the main dialog form. This parameter is optional.

Page(page name,exitCB)
called when the Next button has been selected. If the value begins with a plus sign (+) then, rather than calling an exit routine, the framework will behave as if an exitCB routine was called and this +value is the return from that routine. The values of all fields in each window should be verified by this routine.

The return from this routine defines which page is displayed next. The possible return values are:

   [!Message][?warning name][+page name]
If ``!'' is returned as the first character then the remainder is treated as an error message and displayed in an error dialog. The page resultng in the error remains displayed.

The ``?'' indicates a warning message needs to be displayed. The characters following the ``?'' are taken to be the name of the global warning array to be displayed. The next page to be displayed is determined by the okCB value in the global warning array.

The ``+'' indicates the name of the next page to be displayed. A ``+'' by itself indicates that the Wizard(exitCB) routine is to be called.

Page(page name,nextLabel)
if defined, this will be the label used for the Next button when this page is displayed.

Page(page name,previousLabel)
if defined, this will be the label used for the Previous button when this page is displayed.

Page(page name,ui)
defines the layout of each page. Each object specification, identified by the keyword Object, defines one Vt object, such as a VtForm.

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