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Using the alternate character set

If the alternate character set attribute has been turned on in the text to be displayed (using \+ac), the alternate character set for line drawing (glyphs) will be displayed. This character set is shown in ``Alternate character set''.

Alternate character set

Character Default* Glyph description
a + Upper right corner**
b + Lower right corner**
c + Lower left corner**
d + Upper left corner**
1 + Top tee**
2 + Right tee**
3 + Bottom tee**
4 + Left tee**
- - Horizontal line**
| | Vertical line**
+ + Plus**
< < Arrow pointing left**
> > Arrow pointing right**
v v Arrow pointing down**
^ ^ Arrow pointing up**
# : Checkerboard (stipple)**
O # Solid square block+
I # Lantern symbol+
' + Diamond+
f ' Degree symbol+
g # Plus/minus+
h # Board of squares+
o - Scan line 1+
s _ Scan line 9+
~ o Bullet+

The defaults listed in this column are the ASCII characters that will be displayed if the terminal does not support an alternate character set, or if that particular character is not implemented in that set.

The character used to obtain this glyph is different in FMLI from the default character used in oldterminfo(4) because we feel these are easier to remember.

This glyph is not supported by all terminals.

An example of the use of terminal display attributes is given in ``Example text frame definition files''.

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