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Terminal display attributes

The terminal display attributes and the alternate character set defined in curses(3ocurses) are supported in FMLI. If the terminal your application is being run on does not have these capabilities then they are approximated as best as possible by curses. If the terminal is capable of outputting graphic characters, inverse video, bold/dim, and so on, then these attributes will be available in FMLI, in the following places:

The character sequence to turn a terminal attribute on in FMLI applications is of the form \+xx. To turn the attribute off, the form \-xx is used. If xx is not a valid FMLI character sequence for a terminal attribute, the entire character sequence, as coded, is output.

``Table of FMLI character sequences for display attributes'' lists the FMLI character sequence names and maps them to the applicable curses defined constant.

Table of FMLI character sequences for display attributes

FMLI character sequence curses defined-constant Description
so A_STANDOUT Terminal's best highlighting mode
ul A_UNDERLINE Underlining
rv A_REVERSE Reverse video
bk A_BLINK Blinking
dm A_DIM Half-bright
bd A_BOLD Extra bright or bold
ac A_ALTCHARSET Alternate character set
nm A_NORMAL Reset all attributes to off

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