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Manipulating the current field

The current field is the field where your end-user is positioned on the display screen. It changes as the end-user moves about the form entering or changing data. The cursor rests on the current field. To have your application program set or determine the current field, you use the following functions.


   int set_current_field (form, field)
   FORM * form;
   FIELD * field;

FIELD * current_field (form) FORM * form;

int field_index (field) FIELD * field;

The function set_current_field enables you to set the current field, while function current_field returns the pointer to it. The value returned by field_index is the index to the given field in the field pointer array associated with the connected form. This value is in the range of 0 through N-1, where N is the total number of fields.

When a form is created by new_form or the fields associated with the form are changed by set_form_fields the current field is automatically set to the first visible, active field on page 0.

NOTE: Your application program need not call set_current_field unless you want to implement field navigation requests that are not supported by the form driver and discussed in ``ETI form requests''.

``Example manipulating the current field'' illustrates the use of these functions. Function set_first_field uses set_current_field to set the current field to the first field in the form's field pointer array. Function first_field, on the other hand, returns a Boolean value indicating whether the current field is the first field.

   int set_first_field (form) /* set current field to first field */
   FORM * form;
   	FIELD ** f = form_fields (form);
   	return set_current_field (form, f[0]);

int first_field (form) /* check if current field is first field */ FORM * form; { FIELD * f = current_field (form); return field_index (f) == 0; }

Example manipulating the current field

If function set_current_field encounters an error, it returns one of the following:

system error

NULL form pointer or field not connected to form

called from init/term routines

current field is invalid on posted form

field not active or not visible
The function current_field returns (FIELD *) 0 if given a NULL form pointer or there are no fields connected to the form.

The function field_index returns -1 if its field pointer argument is NULL or the field is not connected to a form.

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