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Commands file descriptors

The commands file has only one set of descriptors, and that set can be defined multiple times. The maximum sets of descriptors that can be defined in a commands file is 64. The name descriptor must be first in each set and is required. Each descriptor should be defined only once in each set. If defined more than once, only the last instance is used.

``Commands file descriptors'' lists the descriptors that can be used in a commands file to redefine or disable FMLI commands, and define new commands.

Commands file descriptors

Descriptor Default if
not defined
Type When
Default frequency
of evaluation
action no default* command At initialization time Whenever referenced
help no default command When user asks for help Whenever referenced
interrupt inherited value** Boolean When an action descriptor is evaluated Whenever referenced
name no default string At initialization time Whenever referenced
oninterrupt inherited value** command After action descriptor evaluation is interrupted Whenever referenced

The action descriptor has no default unless name evaluates to a predefined command. In that case, it defaults to the predefined command.

The value of interrupt and oninterrupt in any given set of descriptors is inherited from the next higher level in a precedence hierarchy. If these descriptors have not been defined anywhere in your application, interrupt defaults to FALSE and oninterrupt defaults to `message Operation interrupted!`nop. (See ``Interrupt signal handling'' for more information.)

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