Using DFS commands and files

Sharing a resource explicitly

To share a resource located on your computer with a client computer, use the share(1Mnfs) command, which has the following syntax:

share [-F fstype] [-o fs_options] [-d description]
[pathname [resourcename]]

If no argument is specified when the share command is entered, then the command displays all resources on your system that are currently shared. If only a file system type is specified, then the share command displays all resources of the specified type that are currently shared. The share command can be used in this capacity by users as well as administrators.

See the share(1M) manual page for an explanation of the options accepted by the share command.

For an explanation of the options available for sharing a resource over NFS, see the NFS-specific share(1Mnfs) manual page. For an illustration of share in use, see ``Example: sharing a resource explicitly''. For more information about NFS-specific options, see ``Using NFS on a server''.

Example: sharing a resource explicitly

Assume you want to share a partial file system on your computer. The root directory of the branch of the file system is graphics, which is a subdirectory to your /export directory. The directory is an NFS resource. You want to share the directory read-only to all clients except a client named ``art.dept,'' with which you want to share the directory read/write. At the command line, type the following:

share -F nfs -o ro,rw=art.dept /export/graphics

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