Adding and configuring modems

Using /etc/uucp/Dialers

If you are not using atdialer(1bnu) and mdmcfg(1M), use a dialer that is an entry in /etc/uucp/Dialers. To do this:

See ``Administering BNU'' for more information.

Dialers file entries

``Dialers file entries'' lists dialer types that are available as Dialers entries.

NOTE: This is not the preferred method of configuring a modem.

Dialers file entries

Modem or data switch Dialers entry
AT&T DATAPHONE II 2212C att2212c
AT&T DATAPHONE II 2224 att2224
AT&T Programmable 300/1200 Model 4000 att4000
Develcon network dataswitch develcon
Direct line; dialer not used direct
Hayes Smartmodem 1200 or compatible hayes1200
Hayes Smartmodem 2400 or compatible hayes2400
Micom network dataswitch micom
Network Listener Service nls
Penril penril
Racal Vadic 3451 vadic
Rixon Intelligent rixon
Vadic 9600VP vadic9600
Ventel 212+ ventel

If you are experimenting with an unsupported modem, the ``hayes2400'' entry in the Dialers file is a good starting point; it can be used even with high-speed modems. The following example Devices entry is for a modem that uses a Dialers file entry but operates at 19200bps:

   ACU term/00m - 19200 Hayes_Compatible_2400

NOTE: If you intend to use an outgoing PPP link over a modem that uses the ``Hayes_Compatible_2400'' entry in the Dialers file, change the word Speed to CONNECT.

The following Dialers file entry, standard, should also be suitable for many V.32bis and higher speed modems:

standard	=W-,  "" AT&F1  OK\r  ATB0M1X4  OK\r  ATDT\T\r\c  CONNECT
Although it is possible to create or modify an entry in the Dialers file yourself, the syntax can be difficult to follow. Consult the Dialers(4bnu) manual page for more information.

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