Testing and debugging HBA drivers

When is the checklist process required?

As the list of items in the checklist is quite extensive, we will provide reasonable guidelines on when the entire checklist process needs to be done.

The checklist process should begin at the time the new/updated driver or HBA model is first discussed with SCO.

You should review the checklist requirements and compare them to your current development and testing plans. Any requirements which are not in your current plan for the HBA driver should be discussed with SCO at an early phase of development.

We are not required to list the vendor's HBA as "Certified" until the terms of the HBA Certification Requirements Checklist have been met and any exceptions discussed and accepted.

Sanity testing HBAs

``Sanity testing'' in the context of HBA testing means doing the following:

  1. Perform a UnixWare 7 installation and surface analysis using the HBA Controller under test as the primary controller of the boot disk.

  2. Perform a UnixWare 7 installation and surface analysis using one instance of the HBA under test for a disk OTHER than the boot disk.

  3. Use another type of controller for the boot disk so that only one instance of the driver under test is being used on the system.

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