Testing and debugging HBA drivers

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A copy of the checklist is installed by default under /home/hbacert/testsuites/doc/CertReqs.html and is the most recent version at the time this documentation was packaged. The current HBA Certification Requirements Checklist is available from the HDK Web Site at The installed version is provided for your convenience in case your development machine is not networked, and so that you can begin reviewing the requirements immediately when you install the HDK.

The first section of the checklist, HBA Device Driver Requirements, should be fulfilled and responded to before the system test phase. This way we can make sure the driver source code has been successfully reviewed, feature requirements met, and any important changes made before the QA cycle.

The second section of the checklist, HBA Device Driver Certification Testing Requirements, can be fulfilled during the testing cycle. The vendor should compare this section with their own test plans to determine if any test requirements will already be covered. The vendor can refer to their test plans for these duplicate items and forward their test plan documentation and results to SCO. Test result logs from the hbacert test suite must be delivered in their original form, along with additional information about the system configuration, (such as SVR5 release, HBA model name).

The tool /home/hbacert/testsuites/common/ can retrieve system configuration information quickly into an HTML file. Run this command as root to gather the information into a file named /tmp/machine-name.sysinfo.html (where machine-name is your system's node name). Please ensure the hbacert test results can be easily matched to their appropriate configuration information file.

The third section of the checklist summarizes the information required for delivery to SCO, including hardware, documentation, test results, etc. Accurate feature information about the HBA models will be required for input into the CHWP (Compatible Hardware Web Pages).

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