Running OpenServer applications under ACP

Running OpenServer applications under ACP

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You shouldn't have to do anything special to get an existing SCO OpenServer Release 5 application to run on UnixWare 7. The application compatibility features delivered with UnixWare 7 are described in ``Application compatibility''

Source code changes will be necessary for many applications originally compiled for use on SCO OpenServer, so that the source code can be recompiled with the UnixWare and OpenServer Development Kit. See ``Source code compatibility''.

Compatibility exceptions

The following list is a brief summary of the known compatibility exceptions for SCO OpenServer application binaries and source code in UnixWare 7:

General exceptions:

SCO OpenServer kernel:

custom+ (SSA support) is not provided.

Some key OSR-specific commands have been ported. If the command name is unique, it is found where it is supposed to be (e.g. /usr/bin). If the command name conflicts with the corresponding SCO UnixWare 2.1.X command, it is installed in /OpenServer/bin and can be executed by setting the OSRCMDS environment variable to ``on''. Note that data transfer commands such as cpio(1) are handled with OSRCMDS. Shell scripts from SCO OpenServer can be invoked with OSRCMDS set for SCO OpenServer versions of commands.


If you specify an SCO OpenServer long name as the locale, SCO UnixWare 2.1.X apps will not work properly.

The file system suffixes used by the NetWare UNIX Client Auto-Mounter (NUCAM) are different from those used on SCO OpenServer. Applications that make assumptions about the format of the file system names mounted automatically by the NUCAM under /.NetWare may fail.

The SCO OpenServer version of the lpr command is not available. The lpr(1bsd) command on UnixWare 7 is the BSD version. SCO OpenServer-style printer filters can't be delivered by third parties.

Driver interfaces:

No direct access to SCO OpenServer HTFS and DTFS filesystems. Data conversion utilities must be run by the user if the user needs to access data on disks with these filesystem types.

SCO OpenServer filesystem command compatibility is not provided.

System files:
Applications that attempt to access SCO OpenServer-specific administrative data files, either directly or indirectly through SCO OpenServer libraries brought forward to UnixWare, are not supported.

Applications that attempt to access SCO OpenServer system data files directly or indirectly may experience problem if these files also exist in UnixWare with a different format (for example, utmp).


No support for keyadm licensing for SCO UnixWare 2.1.X applications.

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