Running OpenServer applications under ACP

Application compatibility

Compatibility for SCO OpenServer applications on UnixWare is provided by the UnixWare kernel, and the runtime libraries, command executables, and system files provided in standard system directories or in the /OpenServer directories.

Compatibility features for SCO OpenServer applications include the following:

Application (or, binary) compatibility was designed to be automatic. The UnixWare 7 kernel recognizes SCO OpenServer applications installed with custom(1M) (as well as pkgadd(1M) installed packages) and can detect applications compiled for use on SCO OpenServer Release 5. As such, you should use the same instructions that were provided with your SCO OpenServer application to install and run your application on UnixWare 7.

Some applications may experience minor problems, due to implementation differences on the two systems. If your SCO OpenServer application does not install or run correctly on UnixWare 7, try one or more of the steps listed below.

General Steps:
Try setting the following switches:

Installation failures:
If your application has problems detecting your System Type, System Release, or executing installation and/or shell scripts:

Application tuning:
Though uncommon, if the application fails during system "tuning", note which tunables are being set by the application. Try setting the equivalent UnixWare tunable(s) by hand and then installing or running the application again.

Terminal behavior:
If your application is a console or "character-based" application and it doesn't display correctly on your screen:

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