c8xx -- LSI Logic PCI to SCSI Host Bus Adapter


The LSI Logic (formerly Symbios) PCI to SCSI-2 host adapter driver, c8xx, provides a Storage Device Interface (SDI) compliant interface to LSI Logic 53c8xx, 53c1010, and 53c1510 chipsets. These chips may be contained either on a computer's motherboard or on LSI Logic host adapter boards. Both implementations are referred to as ``LSI Logic host adapters''. Please see the Compatible Hardware Web Pages for the current certification status of specific device models on UnixWare 7 releases.

This driver dynamically maps interrupts, supports Wide, Ultra, Ultra-2, and Ultra-3 SCSI, scatter/gather, and multiple host adapters. In addition, the c8xx driver fully supports either single or multiple processor systems (multiple processor systems must also have the SCO Symmetrical Multiprocessing Support package installed).

The c8xx host adapter driver enables SDI-compliant target SCSI drivers (such as sd01 and st01) to communicate on the SCSI bus with target controllers and logical units. This allows normal access to mass-storage devices using standard system interfaces and filesystems.

It is also possible for an application to access the SCSI bus subsystem directly by using the pass-through interface. See pt_open(3X).




dcu(1M), ioctl(2), sc01(7), sd01(7), sdi(7), st01(7), sw01(7)


During the Power On Self Test (POST), the LSI Logic PCI BIOS queries the system BIOS for all LSI Logic host adapters. The latest LSI Logic PCI BIOS version contains a Configuration Utility, allowing the user to view what LSI Logic host adapters are in the system. The user can request a display showing what devices are attached to each host adapter. Device operational characteristics can be modified and will be utilized by the c8xx driver during normal operation.

Extreme caution should be exercised when using the pass-through interface. It is possible to interfere with normal system I/O and cause hangs if pass-through is used to an active device. Pass-through should only be used to a device that is otherwise quiescent.

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