adsl -- Adaptec PCI SCSI host adapter subsystem


This DDI7 driver supports the Adaptec family of Fast and Ultra SCSI products for the PCI bus. These include host adapters such as the AHA-294x, AHA-294xW, AHA-294xUW, AHA-2940UW Pro, AHA-2940AU, AHA-394x, AHA-394xW, AHA-394xUW, AHA-394xAUWD, and AHA-4944UW, as well as any motherboard using the AIC-7850, AIC-7855, AIC-7860, AIC-7870, AIC-7880, and AIC-7895 SCSI chips. Please see the Compatible Hardware Web Pages for the current certification status of specific device models on UnixWare 7 releases.

For support of Adaptec's family of Ultra2 SCSI products for the PCI bus, please refer to the adsb(7) manual page. This includes the AHA-2940U2W, AHA-2940U2B, AHA-2950U2B, and AHA-3950U2x host adapters, and motherboards using the AIC-7890, AIC-7891, AIC-7896, and AIC-7897 Ultra2 SCSI chips.

This driver is complaint with the Storage Device Interface (SDI), enabling SDI-compliant target drivers (such as sd01 and st01) to communicate on the SCSI bus with target controllers and logical units. This allows normal access to mass-storage devices using standard system interfaces and filesystems.

It is also possible for an application to access the SCSI bus subsystem directly by using the pass-through interface. See pt_open(3X). Exercise extreme caution when using the pass-through interface. It is possible to interfere with normal system I/O and cause hangs if pass-through is used to an active device. Pass-through should only be used to a device that is otherwise quiescent.

The Adaptec PCI host adapter driver honors the command timeout values as specified in the scb structure; see the scb(D4sdi) manual page. A software watchdog timer enforces the processing time limit. When the watchdog timer detects a job that has exceeded its processing time limit, it attempts to abort the job with a SCSI Job Abort Message. The driver also enforces a time limit on the abort process, thereby ensuring that jobs that ``time out'' are reported to the sending SDI Target Driver whether or not the abort succeeds.




adsa(7), adsb(7), adsc(7), adse(7), adss(7), adst70(7), ioctl(2), scb(D4sdi), sc01(7), sd01(7), sdi(7), st01(7), sw01(7)
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