(BSD System Compatibility)


troff -- (BSD) typeset or format documents



/usr/ucb/troff [-afiz] [-Fdir] [-mname] [-nN] [-olist] [-raN] [-sN] [-Tdest] [-uN] [file] . . .


troff formats text in the files. Input to troff is expected to consist of text interspersed with formatting requests and macros. If no file argument is present, troff reads standard input. A - as a file argument indicates that standard input is to be read at that point in the list of input files; troff reads the files named ahead of the - in the argument list, then text from the standard input, and then text from the files named after the -.

The following options may appear in any order, but they all must appear before the first file.

Send a printable approximation of the formatted output to the standard output file.

Do not print a trailer after the final page of output or cause the postprocessor to relinquish control of the device.

Read the standard input after the input files are exhausted.

Suppress formatted output. Only diagnostic messages and messages output using the .tm request are output.

Search the directory dir for font width tables instead of the system-dependent default directory.

Prepend the macro file /usr/ucblib/doctools/tmac/name to the input files. Note: most references to macro packages include the leading m as part of the name; for example, the man macro package resides in /usr/ucblib/doctools/tmac/an.

Number first generated page N.

Print only pages whose page numbers appear in the comma-separated list of numbers and ranges. A range N-M means pages N through M; an initial -N means from the beginning to page N; and a final N- means from N to the end.

Set register a (one-character) to N.

Stop the phototypesetter every N pages. On some devices, troff produces a trailer so you can change cassettes; resume by pressing the typesetter's start button.

Prepare output for typesetter dest. The following values can be supplied for dest:

Autologic APS-5. This is the default value.

Set the emboldening factor for the font mounted in position 3 to N. If N is missing, then set the emboldening factor to 0.


temporary file

standard macro files

font width tables for alternate mounted troff fonts


checknr(1bsd), eqn(1bsd), man(5bsd), me(5bsd), ms(5bsd), nroff(1bsd), tbl(1bsd)

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