ripquery -- query RIP gateways


ripquery [ -1 ] [ -2 ] [ -N destination[/mask] ] [ -a authkey ] [ -d ] [ -n ] [ -p ] [ -r ] [ -v ]
[ -w time ] gateway ...


ripquery is used to request all routes known by a RIP gateway by sending a RIP REQUEST or POLL command. The routing information in any routing packets returned is displayed numerically and symbolically. ripquery is intended to be used as a tool for debugging gateways, not for network management. SNMP is the preferred protocol for network management.

ripquery by default uses the RIP POLL command, which is an undocumented extension to the RIP specification supported by routed on SunOS3.x and later and by gated 1.4 and later. The RIP POLL command is preferred over the RIP REQUEST command because it is not subject to Split Horizon and/or Poisoned Reverse. See the RIP RFC for more information.


Send the query as a version 1 packet.

Send the query as a version 2 packet (default).

-N destination[/mask]
Specifies that the query should be for the specified destination (with optional mask) instead of the complete routing table. Specifying a mask implies a version 2 query. As many as 23 requests about specific destinations may be included in a packet.

-a authkey
Specifies the authentication password to use for queries. If specified, an authentication type of SIMPLE will be used, otherwise the default is an authentication type of NONE. Authentication fields in incoming packets will be displayed, but not validated.

Turn on debugging.

Normally network and host numbers are displayed both symbolically and numerically. When this option is specified, network and host numbers are only displayed numerically.

Uses the RIP POLL command to request information from the routing table. This is the default, but is an undocumented extension supported only by some versions of routed and later versions of gated. If there is no response to the RIP POLL command, the RIP REQUEST command is tried. gated responds to a POLL command with all the routes learned via RIP.

Used the RIP REQUEST command to request information from the gateway's routing table. Unlike the RIP POLL command, all gateways should support the RIP REQUEST. If there is no response to the RIP REQUEST command, the RIP POLL command is tried.

Version information about ripquery is displayed before querying the gateways.

Specifies the time in seconds to wait for the initial response from a gateway. The default value is 5 seconds.


gated(1Mtcp), gated.conf(4tcp), routed(1Mtcp)

RFC 1058, RFC 1388


The following command may be issued to send a version 1 RIP POLL packet to request all the routes from the gateway lancelot.
   ripquery -1 -p lancelot
In order to request the routing table from the gateway grinch using a RIP REQUEST packet (as opposed to using a RIP POLL packet), the following command may be issued.
   ripquery -r grinch

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