quotaon_vxfs, quotaoff_vxfs - turns BSD quotas on/off on a VERITAS File System file system


quotaon [ -F vxfs ]
quotaon [-v] filesystem...
quotaon -a [-v]

quotaoff [ -F vxfs ]
quotaoff [-v] filesystem...
quotaoff -a [-v]


The file system is either the mount point of a vxfs file system or the corresponding block device name.

quotaon turns on BSD quotas for one or more mounted vxfs file systems.

quotaoff turns off BSD quotas for one or more mounted vxfs file systems.

In order to turn on quotas, the file system should have a file called quotas that is owned by root. This file is used to store usage limits for each user. See edquota_vxfs(1M) for details on how to create and modify usage limits in this file.

The quotaon/quotaoff commands modify the /etc/mnttab entry for the given file system to indicate when the quotas are on/off on the file system. mount options for the file system will be marked quota if quotas are on and noquota if quotas are off.

Quotas can also be turned on at file system mount time by giving a file system specific mount option quota. See mount_vxfs(1M) for details.



-F vxfs
Specify the vxfs file system type. If -F vxfs is not specified heuristics similiar to those used by fstyp(1M) are used to determine the file system type.
This command executes faster if it is not required to autodetect file system types. If possible, specify -F vxfs

Display a message for each file system after quotas are turned on/off.

This option can be used to turn on/off quotas for all the file systems in /etc/vfstab which have quota in the mntopts field, are currently mounted rw, and have a quotas file in the root directory.


Table of mounted file systems.

Table of file system defaults.


edquota_vxfs(1M), fstyp(1M), mount_vxfs(1M), quot_vxfs(1M), quota_vxfs(1M), repquota_vxfs(1M), mnttab(4)

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