ppplinkadd -- add a link to a Point-to-Point Protocol bundle


ppplinkadd -a bundle [ link ]
ppplinkadd [ -v ] [ -p period ] [ -t timeout ] bundle [ link ]


ppplinkadd adds a link to the nominated outgoing PPP bundle by passing the specified bundle name and optional link name to the PPP daemon, pppd(1M). (The bundle and link must have been previously configured using ppptalk(1M).) pppd looks up the bundle and link names, and adds the link to the bundle. If no link name is specified, pppd will select a pre-configured link.

In default synchronous mode, ppplinkadd does not return to the shell prompt until either a usable PPP connection has been established with the remote host which can use the new link, or a timeout has occurred.

The following options are available:

Select asynchronous mode. In this mode, pppattach sends a linkadd command to pppd, and then exits without monitoring the state of the bundle.

-p period
The status of the bundle is checked every period seconds to verify if the bundle is usable. In verbose mode, the on-screen status is also updated.

-t timeout
Set the timeout value for the connection. The default timeout value is 120 seconds. A timeout value of 0 will cause an indefinite wait if the additional link is not established.

Turn on verbose mode. In this mode, status information for the bundle, bundle protocols and link protocols will be displayed.

Multilink considerations

In verbose mode, the state of links are displayed on screen. If a link has been specified then information on that link only will be displayed along with bundle and link protocol information. If a link is not specified then information on links will be shown up to the point where the information would overflow the screen. For systems using high numbers of links within a single bundle, use pppstatus(1M) to provide full information about all links.

Exit codes

In synchronous mode, the following exit codes can be used to diagnose establishment of the additional link:

Link added successful.

Unable to add link because the command or its arguments are invalid.

Unable to add link because the bundle name is invalid.

Unable to add link within the specified timeout value (note that link establishment may still be in progress, even though pppattach has timed out and returned to the shell prompt).

Unable to add link due to an unexpected error from pppd.

Unable to add link due to a dialer error.

An unspecified error occurred.


pppattach(1M), pppdetach(1M), ppplinkdrop(1M), pppstatus(1M), ppptalk(1M)
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