pexbind -- exclusive processor bind operation


pexbind -b processor-id pid . . .
pexbind -u pid . . .
pexbind -q [pid . . .]


Only a privileged user can change the exclusive binding of processes using the pexbind command.

The processor_id is an integer that uniquely identifies a processor; the pid is the process ID.

All LWPs within a specified process are bound to a processor. LWPs that are exclusively bound to a processor will execute only on that processor. However, an exclusively bound LWP will execute briefly on another processor if the LWP requires a resource that only that other processor can provide. In general, the processor will execute only those LWPs that are exclusively bound to it. However, the processor can briefly execute other LWPs in the system if it must provide a resource to the other LWPs that no other processor can provide.

If there are already LWPs bound to the specified processor, either exclusively or non-exclusively, pexbind will fail. Note, to exclusively bind several LWPs to a processor, all LWPs must be specified in one invocation of pexbind.

If an LWP specified by pid is already exclusively bound to a different processor, the exclusive binding for that process will be changed to the specified processor. If, however, an LWP specified by pid is bound non-exclusively (for example, with pbind) the previous non-exclusive binding will remain in effect for that process (the pexbind call will have no effect on that process).

The options are:

specify an exclusive processor bind operation

remove any previous exclusive binding for the specified process(es).

display exclusive binding information for the specified processes. If no pids are specified, pexbind displays exclusive binding information for the entire system.


The following conditions will result in abnormal program termination:


This command may not be supported in future releases. Applications and shell scripts should not depend on the format of the output displayed by pexbind -q; it may change significantly in a future release.


pbind(1M), processor_bind(2)
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