labelit_vxfs - provide labels for VERITAS File Systems


labelit [-F vxfs] [generic_options] [-n] special [fsname volume ]


labelit can be used to provide labels for unmounted vxfs disk file systems or for tapes being used to copy vxfs file systems.

With the optional arguments omitted, labelit prints current label values.

The special name should be the disk partition (for example, /dev/rdsk/c0b0t1d0s5) or the tape device (for example, /dev/rmt/c0s0). The device may not be on a remote machine.

The fsname argument represents the mounted name (for example, root, mnt ) of the file system.

volume may be used to equate an internal name to a volume name applied externally to the disk pack, diskette, or tape.

For file systems on disk, fsname and volume are recorded in the super-block.


Supported by the generic labelit command (see labelit(1M)).

-F vxfs
Specify the vxfs file system type. If -F vxfs is not specified heuristics similiar to those used by fstyp(1M) are used to determine the file system type.
This command executes faster if it is not required to autodetect file system types. If possible, specify -F vxfs

For initial tape labeling only (to prepare tapes for volcopy(1M). This destroys the previous contents of the tape.


labelit(1M), fstyp(1M), volcopy(1M), volcopy_vxfs(1M), fs_vxfs(4)

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