hpnpcfg -- configure HP Network Printers




hpnpcfg is a menu driven configuration utility for configuring HP Network Printers. An HP Network Printer is attached directly to the network using a built-in network card.


The hpnpcfg configuration tasks main menu supplies eight options for checking and modifying the configuration of an HP Network Printer. These options are:

  1. Verify installation of software

    Verifies that all the software needed to support the HP Network Printer has been properly installed.

  2. Configure a printer with BOOTP/TFTP

    Modifies the file /etc/inetd.conf to include the ``bootps'' service so that the Network Printer can use the BOOT Protocol to download its configuration. Configuration values are the ethernet address of the Network Printer, the network name for the printer, subnet mask if the printer resides within a subnet, a gateway mask so that hosts outside the subnet can access the printer, the name of the syslog server for printer error messages, the idle time-out value, the access list of hosts that can access the printer, and SNMP related parameters such as location, contact person, community name, traps and trap destinations.

    Note that it is necessary to manually modify /etc/inetd.conf to include TFTP support.

  3. Verify BOOTP/TFTP configuration

    Not supported.

  4. Verify network printer connectivity

    Uses the ping(1Mtcp) utility to verify that the printer is responding to network requests.

  5. Verify network printer operations

    Allows the administrator to test the operation of the Network Printer by sending files to the printer. These files are a text test file and a PostScript test file.

  6. Add printer to spooler

    Uses lpadmin(1M) to add the Network Printer to the list of printers accessible via the lp(1) command. A special interface script is used to pass the output of the printer interface script to a filter, hpnpf(1M).

  7. Remove printer BOOTP/TFTP configuration

    Removes the specified Network Printer's BOOTP/TFTP configuration.

  8. Remove printer from spooler

    Removes the specified Network Printer's system spooler configuration.

In addition, the menu supplies Help and Quit options.

For details of BOOTP and TFTP, see the bootp(1Mtcp) and tftpd(1Mtcp) manual pages.

Configuring support for Network Printers

You must run /usr/lib/hpnp/hpnpinstall when installing the first Network Printer. This amends the files /etc/inetd.conf and /etc/services to support the boot protocol (BOOTP) used by the printers. It also installs utilities and printer interface programs used by the print service. Once the installation script has completed, you run hpnpcfg to configure individual printers. See ``Configuring Hewlett-Packard network printers'' in Advanced printer configuration for more details.


location of scripts invoked by hpnpcfg

special interface script that passes the output of the printer interface script to hpnpf

Internet daemon configuration file

boot protocol daemon configuration file


bootp(1Mtcp), hpnpf(1M), hpnptyd(1M), inetd(1Mtcp), inetd.conf(4tcp), lp(1), tftpd(1Mtcp)
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