Berkeley DB Reference Guide:
Building Berkeley DB for Windows systems


Running the test suite under Windows

To build the test suite on Windows platforms, you will need to configure Tcl support. You will also need sufficient main memory (at least 64MB), and disk (around 250MB of disk will be sufficient).

Building the software needed by the tests

To build for testing, perform the following steps:

  1. The test suite must be run against a Debug version of Berkeley DB, so you will need a Debug version of the Tcl libraries. This involves building Tcl from its source. See the Tcl sources for more information.

  2. Open the Berkeley DB workspace.

  3. Build the Tcl API (see Building the Tcl API for details).

  4. In Visual C++ 6.0, set the active configuration to db_test -- Debug. To set an active configuration, under the Build menu, select Set Active Configuration. Then choose db_test -- Debug. In Visual C++ .NET, just make sure Debug is selected in the drop down list on the tool bar.

  5. Build. In Visual C++ 6.0, the IDE menu item for this is called "build dbkill.exe", even though dbkill is just one of the things that is built. In Visual C++ .NET, right-click on the db_test project and select Build. This step makes sure that the base Berkeley DB .dll, tcl support, and various tools that are needed by the test suite are all built.

Running the test suite under Windows

Before running the tests for the first time, you must edit the file include.tcl in your build directory and change the line that reads:

set tclsh_path SET_YOUR_TCLSH_PATH

You will want to use the location of the tclsh program (be sure to include the name of the executable). For example, if Tcl is installed in d:\tcl, this line should be the following:

set tclsh_path d:\tcl\bin\tclsh84g.exe

If your path includes spaces be sure to enclose it in quotes:

set tclsh_path "c:\Program Files\tcl\bin\tclsh84g.exe"

Make sure that the path to Berkeley DB's tcl library is in your current path. On Windows NT/2000/XP, edit your PATH using the My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables dialog. On earlier versions of Windows, you may find it convenient to add a line to c:\AUTOEXEC.BAT:

SET PATH=%PATH%;c:\db\build_win32\Debug

Then, in a shell of your choice enter the following commands:

  1. cd build_win32

  2. run d:\tcl\bin\tclsh84g.exe, or the equivalent name of the Tcl shell for your system.

    You should get a "%" prompt.

  3. % source ../test/test.tcl

    If no errors occur, you should get a "%" prompt.

You are now ready to run tests in the test suite; see Running the test suite for more information.


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