Berkeley DB Reference Guide:
Building Berkeley DB for UNIX/POSIX systems


Running the test suite under UNIX

The Berkeley DB test suite is built if you specify --enable-test as an argument when configuring Berkeley DB. The test suite also requires that you configure and build the Tcl interface to the library.

Before running the tests for the first time, you may need to edit the include.tcl file in your build directory. The Berkeley DB configuration assumes that you intend to use the version of the tclsh utility included in the Tcl installation with which Berkeley DB was configured to run the test suite, and further assumes that the test suite will be run with the libraries prebuilt in the Berkeley DB build directory. If either of these assumptions are incorrect, you will need to edit the include.tcl file and change the following line to correctly specify the full path to the version of tclsh with which you are going to run the test suite:

set tclsh_path ...

You may also need to change the following line to correctly specify the path from the directory where you are running the test suite to the location of the Berkeley DB Tcl library you built:

set test_path ...

It may not be necessary that this be a full path if you have configured your system's shared library mechanisms to search the directory where you built or installed the Tcl library.

All Berkeley DB tests are run from within tclsh. After starting tclsh, you must source the file test.tcl in the test directory. For example, if you built in the build_unix directory of the distribution, this would be done using the following command:

% source ../test/test.tcl

If no errors occur, you should get a "%" prompt.

You are now ready to run tests in the test suite; see Running the test suite for more information.


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