Troubleshooting system-level problems

System with multiple operating systems does not boot UnixWare

If you installed UnixWare on a machine with another resident operating system, you may not be able to boot UnixWare. This is because you did not overwrite your old boot sector and it is incompatible with UnixWare.

If you previously created emergency recovery boot media, reboot the system using the emergency recovery boot media, and attempt to correct the problem. For details, see ``Recovering an unusable system''.

Otherwise, do the following:

  1. Reboot the system using the emergency recovery boot media (diskettes or CD).

  2. Respond to the prompts as if you are performing a normal installation until all the hardware drivers are installed and you reach the prompt for the system node name.

  3. Press <Alt>Sh. The installation halts and the boot screen appears, followed by a special UnixWare prompt: VT0>.

  4. Enter this command:


  5. If the message:
       ERROR: Default device (/dev/rdsk/c0b0t0d0s0) cannot be opened
    is displayed, then you need to enter:

    /usr/sbin/fdisk /dev/rdsk/device-name

    where the device-name is determined as follows:

    ls /dev/rdsk/c0*s0

  6. Select option 0 to overwrite the boot code.

  7. Select option 4 to update the disk configuration and exit the fdisk utility.

  8. Reset or power cycle your computer and reboot.

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