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Forcing confirmation before build on boot

You can force the system to always check with you before beginning the build-on-boot process. This means that the build-on-boot process is not fully automatic when you execute shutdown or init. Instead, when a reboot is about to take place, you are prompted to confirm that you want the kernel to be rebuilt.

To force the system to always verify that you want to proceed with the build-on-boot process before the system is rebooted, execute the following command:

   defadm idtools AUTOREBLD=NO
The timeout is disabled when confirmation is forced by the AUTOREBLD value of NO.

The following example shows a typical interaction with the booting process when it includes the confirmation procedure:

the interaction is the same up to this point as it is if you do not force confirmation
The system is coming up. Please wait.

The unix operating system kernel will now be rebuilt to incorporate recent configuration changes.

Strike ENTER when ready or ESC to stop. you respond by pressing <ENTER>

UX: idbuild: INFO: The unix kernel will be rebuilt now. This will take some time. Please wait.

If you press <ENTER> for the second time, the kernel is rebuilt, and installed, in the same way as when a fully automatic build on boot is executed.

However, if you press <Esc>, the rebuild is halted with the following message:

   UX: idrebuild: INFO: The rebuild of the UNIX Operating
   System kernel has been aborted. A rebuild will be
   attempted at next reboot.

If you do not respond to this prompt within the timeout period the system proceeds as if you had pressed the <ENTER> key.

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