Using EELS

Creating a standard report

The report.rc file contains predefined reports that you can specify when using eels_log_report(1Meels). The file is a text file that follows the syntactic rules of perl. Because it is a text file it can easily be updated with new report definitions. This section describes how to define a simple standard report.

The characteristics of this simple report are:

Report name

A sample report

Page height
65 lines

Starting from
06/11/98 (mm/dd/yy)

TimeOffset, LogSystemsSource, EventSpecificInformation

Only records where HTTP appears in EventSpecificInformation

Column widths
Extra wide column for EventSpecificInformation (35 chars) and a slightly narrower one for LogSystemsSource (13 chars)
Take the following steps to add a new report definition to report.rc:

  1. Open /etc/eels/bin/report.rc.

  2. Add the following line immediately under the "xdas => 'xdas_report'" line in the ``Report List'' section:
       Sample1  =>  'First_Sample_Report',
    This defines the report name as it is referred to by you (Sample1), and how it is internally referred to by eels_log_report (First_Sample_Report).

  3. Add an empty report definition to the ``Report specifications'' section just before the line containing "%Audit_Report = (".
       %First_Sample_Report = (


    This is the empty shell of the definition you are about to create.

  4. Within the block add the following lines to specify the report characteristics:
       ´title´          => ´A sample report´,
       ´page_height´    => ´65´,
       ´start_time´     => ´06/11/98´,
       ´fields_to_list´ => ´TO(Date) LSS(System source) ESI(Information)´,
       ´column_filter´  => ´ESI(like "%robots%")´,
       ´column_widths´  => ´LSS(13) ESI(35)´,

  5. Save report.rc.

  6. Enter the following command to test the report:

    eels_log_report -r sample1

    A report similar to the one shown below is displayed if you have any records in your database that contain the string "robots".

                                        A sample report                               1


    Wed Sep 30 13:04:56 1998 http-80 acc GET /robots.txt Fri Oct 2 02:07:12 1998 http-80 acc GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.0 Wed Oct 7 13:04:23 1998 http-80 acc GET /robots.txt Fri Oct 9 02:07:57 1998 http-80 acc GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.0 Wed Oct 14 13:04:41 1998 http-80 acc GET /robots.txt Fri Oct 16 02:13:43 1998 http-80 acc GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.0 Wed Oct 21 13:04:31 1998 http-80 acc GET /robots.txt Fri Oct 23 02:07:16 1998 http-80 acc GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.0 Fri Oct 30 02:07:28 1998 http-80 acc GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.0 Wed Nov 4 13:04:18 1998 http-80 acc GET /robots.txt Fri Nov 6 02:07:36 1998 http-80 acc GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.0

    NOTE: If you do not have any records containing the string "robots", eels_log_report will not display anything.

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