System directories and files

System directories and files

The UnixWare® 7 filesystem tree is organized for administrative convenience. Distinct areas within the filesystem tree are provided for files that are private to one machine, files that can be shared by multiple machines of a common architecture, files that can be shared by all machines, and home directories. This organization allows sharable files to be stored on one machine but accessed by many machines using a remote file access mechanism such as NFS. Grouping similar files makes the filesystem tree easier to upgrade and manage.

The filesystem tree consists of a root filesystem and a collection of mountable filesystems. The root filesystem contains files that are unique to each machine.

The mount(1M) command attaches mountable filesystems to the filesystem tree at mount points (directory entries) in the root filesystem or in other previously mounted filesystems. If /var is configured as a separate filesystem, it must be mounted in order to have a completely functional system. The root filesystem is mounted automatically by the kernel each time the system is booted.

Because the system owner or the system administrator often has need to examine or change these files, this topic provides the following information:

NOTE: To maintain a secure environment, do not change the file or directory permissions from those assigned at the time of installation.

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