Using system accounting

Examining at the pacct File With acctcom

At any time, the contents of the /var/adm/pacct? files or any file with records in the acct.h format may be examined using the acctcom program. If you don't specify any files and don't provide any standard input when you run this command, acctcom reads the pacct file. Each record read by acctcom represents information about a dead process (active processes may be examined by running the ps command). The default output of acctcom provides the following information: the name of the command (prefixed with a # sign if the command was executed with the UID or GID set to root), the user, the tty name (listed as ? if unknown), the starting time, ending time, and real time (in seconds), the CPU usage (in seconds), and the mean size (in kilobytes).

Use this command to examine the contents of /var/adm/pacct? files:


Other information can be obtained by using options. See acctcom(1) for complete details.

The following is sample output from running acctcom with no options:

COMMAND                      START       END      REAL    CPU     MEAN
NAME       USER   TTYNAME    TIME        TIME    (SECS)  (SECS)   SIZE(K)
#accton    root   ?         17:15:06   17:15:06   0.05    0.02    11.25
turnacct   root   ?         17:15:05   17:15:05   0.78    0.18     0.58
expr       abc    xt/075    17:15:06   17:15:06   0.09    0.05     0.70
sed        def    xt/192    17:15:06   17:15:06   0.03    0.03     3.17
expr       abc    xt/073    17:15:06   17:15:06   0.02    0.02     1.50

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