Command options by class

Command options by class

The following is a list of generic widget options that you can assign to any widgets created by SCO Visual Tcl. All widgets have ``Object class options'' (used for specifying their basic attributes). Widgets whose parents are a form have ``Geometry class options'' (used for specifying their positioning). Some widgets also have:

Some common terminology is used:

The name of a Tcl command or procedure associated with a widget. (For example, if the -callback cmd option is set for a given widget, it specifies that the cmd procedure is to be executed as a callback by that widget.)

The widget hierarchy of an object used when creating the object. (For example, to create name as a child of parent, use the object_name

The name returned when creating an object. This name is used when performing commands such as get, set, select, and delete on widgets. It is also used when specifying a widget hierarchy for a new object.

The form of a widget name is defined as a path through the widget tree. As commands are sent to the server, widgets are created; then, further child widgets are added. For example, a form may have a dialog as its child, and the dialog may have a text box and some buttons as children. The dialog will therefore have a name of the form: formname.dialogname; and the buttons will be named formname.dialogname.buttonname.

All widget options are followed by the access attributes. These are as follows:

indicates that the option can be set at widget creation time

indicates that the options can be retrieved by VtGet(1vtcl)

indicates that the option can be set at any time after the widget has been created, using VtSet(1vtcl)

For example, an option that only has the ``C'' attribute must be set at widget creation time or not at all. An option with all attributes set may be applied to a widget at creation time, or at any subsequent time (using VtSet), and it is possible to retrieve the option using VtGet.
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