Writing a SCOadmin manager

Summary of standard functions

This section includes a list of handy functions included in the standard SCO Visual Tcl library and the SCOadmin services library (loaded automatically when osavtcl is used).

SCOadmin services library (osavtcl)

Name Description
SaAlignedForm(3tlib) Handles widget alignment
SaAutoRefresh(3tlib) Data refresh procedures
SaCharmSetMaxFormDimensions(3tlib) Expands CHARM SCO Visual Tcl form to maximum dimensions on character display
SaDisplay(3tlib) Error display procedures
SaHelpGetOptionsList(3tlib) Gets list of help menu options
SaHost(3tlib) Host name management procedures
SaListShowSelectedItem(3tlib) List item selection procedures
SaMakeObjectCall(3tlib) Performs object calls
SaOpenHost(3tlib) Remote host management procedures
SaPrint(3tlib) Printing procedures
SaPrinter(3tlib) Print subsystem query procedures
SaRunLevel(3tlib) Determines system run level
SaScreenPolicy(3tlib) Saving/restoring variable procedures
SaSelectHost(3tlib) Host selection procedures
SaSetFocus(3tlib) Focus control procedures
SaShortHelp(3tlib) Short help procedures
SaStatusBar(3tlib) Status bar procedures
SaToolbar(3tlib) Toolbar procedures
SaTwoList(3tlib) Two-list procedures
SaUsers(3tlib) User and group data retrieval procedures

SCO Visual Tcl library (vtcl)

Name Description
VxAlignBaseLines(1vtcl) VxAlignedForm(1vtcl) VxCenterVertically(1vtcl) Widget alignment procedures
VxCheckBox(1vtcl) Creates a check box
VxComboBox(1vtcl) Creates a combo box
VxEndFormCB(1vtcl) Destroys parent form
VxGetShortName(1vtcl) Strips parent widgets off widget name
VxGetVar(1vtcl) Gets value of variable associated with widget
VxList(1vtcl) Creates a list
VxMenu(1vtcl) Builds a menu
VxMenuGetButton(1vtcl) Returns widget name in a menu
VxOptionMenu(1vtcl) VxOptionMenuGetSelected(1vtcl) VxOptionMenuReplaceOptions(1vtcl) VxOptionMenuSetSelected(1vtcl) Option menu procedures
VxRadioBox(1vtcl) Creates a radio box
VxRowColumn(1vtcl) Creates a VtRowColumn widget
VxSetLeftOffsets(1vtcl) Sets left offset of right-aligned widgets
VxSetVar(1vtcl) Sets value of variable and associates with specified widget
VxSpinButton(1vtcl) VxSpinButtonSetMaxValue(1vtcl) VxSpinButtonSetMinValue(1vtcl) Spin button procedures
VxText(1vtcl) Creates a text widget
VxWidgetVarRef(1vtcl) Returns reference for per-widget frames variable

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