Writing a SCOadmin manager

Interfacing with object service agents (OSAs)

To perform actual management tasks on the target system, the manager should use the Server API to access the necessary OSAs that have been defined and registered with the SCOadmin framework. These calls will be made throughout the manager, whether it involves authorization checking, creating user accounts, exporting filesystems, or just querying the system for data. The Object call format is used for all classes of objects (this is, to access any OSA). The definition of an OSA governs the object attributes and operations that can be used within the object call format.

NOTE: ``Designing SCOadmin object service agents'' describes how to create an OSA. ``OSA reference'' includes examples and a detailed discussion of the object call interface.

Object Calls

Name Description
ObjectCreate Creates the specified object
ObjectDelete Deletes the specified object
ObjectAction Performs a class-defined operation on an object
ObjectGet Returns values for specified attributes of an object
ObjectReplaceWithDefault Replaces values with default values
ObjectReplace Replaces values with specified values
ObjectAdd Adds values (for attributes that can take multiple values)
ObjectRemove Removes values (for attributes that can take multiple values)

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