Using the UDK

UnixWare debugger on SCO OpenServer

In addition to the run-time support libraries, the SCO OpenServer Binary Compatibility Module installs a modified version of the UnixWare debugger debug(1).

Both command-line and graphical user interfaces are available.

debug is a multi-process, symbolic debugger that will allow you to debug the UnixWare executables that you run on SCO OpenServer. debug can also control SCO OpenServer native executables and examine core files generated on SCO OpenServer by both UnixWare and SCO OpenServer executables.

To run the UnixWare debugger on SCO OpenServer, enter:


The graphical interface comes up by default if the DISPLAY environment variable is set and the necessary graphical components are available on the system. Otherwise, the command line interface comes up. To bring up the command line interface explicitly, enter:

debug -ic.

Online help is available with the command line interface; however, the graphical version does not support online help on SCO OpenServer at this time.

Complete documentation for the debugger is available online in SCOhelp under Debugging and analyzing C and C++ programs.

Debugger feature unavailable on SCO OpenServer

The following features of the debug command that are available on UnixWare 7 are not supported on SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.4:

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