Using the UDK

cc command options

SCO OpenServer options Explanation UnixWare 7 options
-a api provides ABI "worlds" not available
-A - turns off predefined assertions turns off predefined assertions and also turns off predefined macros (the latter is done by -R on SCO OpenServer; UnixWare CC uses -R for precompiled headers
-b format format can be: coff, ibcs2, or elf elf accepted but ignored; others return an error. A warning will still be given when clashing options are present.
-g -O if clash, SCO OpenServer gives -g precedence; SCO UnixWare 2.1.X gives -O precedence gives -g precedence
SCO OpenServer synonyms for -#, -##, -### not available
-J UnixWare equivalent is -K uchar; UnixWare CC uses -J for something else not available
-Kalloca alloca not supported for UnixWare C++ cc only
-Kalt_struct_pack for iBCS2 not available
-Kalt_struct_return for iBCS2 not available
-Knarrow_floats done by default in UnixWare accept/ignore positive form
-Krodata done by default in UnixWare accept/ignore positive form
-Kspace time vs. space -O direction accepted/ignored
-l searches libcrypt and libgen, as well as libc UnixWare 7 puts most of libcrypt and libgen in libc, and so does not search these libraries by default
-o SCO OpenServer -o renames .o, .s, and .i files accepted
-O level SCO UnixWare 2.1.X -O doesn't have levels accept levels 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 and ignore
-R see -A - above not available
-w level suppress or provide warnings based on level -w accepted and suppresses warnings; level accepted and ignored (see -O)
-Xk forces K&R dialect (same as -Xt) not available
-Xm for Microsoft C compatibility not available
removed in SCO UnixWare 2.1.X as obsolete (use -YP instead) not available
/etc/default/cc SCO OpenServer mechanism for storing defaults not available
SCO OpenServer env vars for setting cc options not available

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