terminfo programming

terminfo programming

NOTE: The version of terminfo described in this Character user interface programming topic is the UNIX® System V Release 4 (SVR4) version of the terminfo database. For UnixWare 7.0.1 and later versions, the new terminfo database format extensions compliant with The Single UNIX Specification, Version 2 are also provided.

The SVR4 curses routines (see the Section 3ocurses manual pages) described in this topic work only with terminfo files written to the old terminfo format, described on oldterminfo(4).

To take advantage of the new terminfo format extensions (see terminfo(4)), you must use the new curses library routines; see Section 3curses manual pages.

Entries written to the old terminfo format will work with both curses libraries.

This topic explains how to use the terminfo database and the terminfo routines to write terminal-independent screen management programs on the UNIX system. Other support tools are also described.

The purpose of this topic is to explain how to write screen management programs as quickly as possible. Therefore, this topic does not attempt to cover every detail. Use this topic to get familiar with the way these routines work, then use the manual pages for more information.

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