terminfo programming

Writing terminal descriptions

Descriptions of many popular terminals are already contained in the terminfo database. However, it is possible that you will want to run a curses program on a terminal for which there is not currently a description. In that case, you will have to build the description.

The general procedure for building a terminal description is as follows:

  1. Give the known names of the terminal.

  2. Learn about the terminal's capabilities.

  3. Specify the capabilities.

  4. Compile the newly created description entry.

  5. Test the entry for correct operation.

  6. Go back to Step 2, add more capabilities, and repeat, as necessary.

Building a terminal description is sometimes easier when you build small parts of the description and test them as you go along. These tests can expose deficiencies in the ability to describe the terminal. Also, modifying an existing description of a similar terminal can make the building task easier. (Lest we forget the motto: ``Build on the work of others.'')

The followings steps are required to build a terminal description for the fictitious terminal named myterm:

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