ETI windows

Output and input

The routines that you use to send output to and get input from windows and pads are similar to those you use with stdscr. The only difference is that you have to give the name of the window to receive the action. Generally, these functions have names formed by putting the letter w at the beginning of the name of a stdscr routine and adding the window name as the first parameter. For example, addch('c') would become waddch(mywin, ´c´) if you wanted to write the character c to the window mywin. Here is a list of the window (or w) versions of the output routines.

You can see from their declarations that these routines differ from the versions that manipulate stdscr only in their names and the addition of a win argument. Notice that the routines whose names begin with mvw take the win argument before the y, x coordinates, which is contrary to what the names imply. See curses(3ocurses) for more information about these routines or the versions of the input routines getch, getstr, and so on that you should use with windows.

All w routines can be used with pads except for wrefresh and wnoutrefresh (see below). In place of these two routines, you have to use prefresh and pnoutrefresh with pads.

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