Introduction to the Form and Menu Language Interpreter (FMLI)

Navigating in a form

When a form is opened, the cursor is placed in the first character position in the first field of the form. The following list shows some of the keys you can use to navigate in a form:

Multi-page forms and scrollable single- and multi-line fields scroll as necessary.

NOTE: Generally speaking, if a user enters invalid data in a field that has an associated validation test, navigation away from the field is not permitted. With this release, however, if no data have been entered or modified in the field since it became current, validation only occurs if the user attempts to use the <ENTER> key to leave the field. A user can leave the field with some other navigation key (such as one of the arrow keys). In such cases, validation of the field is delayed until the <SAVE> key is pressed. Thus, a user can use a key other than <ENTER> to navigate in a form when, say, leaving the current field blank would cause it to fail a validation test. You may want to point out this change in behavior to users who are familiar with the old behavior.

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