Introduction to the Form and Menu Language Interpreter (FMLI)


A frame is an independently scrollable portion of the work area surrounded by a border. By default, the dimensions of a frame are determined by FMLI. Several frames may be open simultaneously in the work area but only one frame can be current at a time. Frames are positioned in the work area so that overlap of other frames is minimized.

The current frame is the frame a user is working in. It is distinguished from other frames in the work area by its border and all features in its border being displayed in full-bright video attribute; non-current frames are displayed in half-bright video. (On terminals that do not have the half-bright video attribute, non-current frames are displayed some other way, inverse video, for example.) The current frame may cover parts of other frames in the work area.

All menu, form, and text frames can display the following features:

Title Bar
Each frame displays a title bar in its top border. The title bar contains a frame ID number assigned by FMLI, and the title of the frame--an FMLI default title or one you define.

Scroll Box
Each frame that contains three or more lines of information displays a scroll box in its right border. A scroll box can house both an up symbol (^) and a down symbol (v). These symbols indicate to the user that there is more information before (^) or after (v) the information currently displayed in the frame; only the up symbol (^) will appear in the scroll box when a user is viewing page two of a two-page form, for example. A scroll box will be blank when all the information in the frame is currently visible.

The current item in a menu frame is indicated by a more-than sign (>) to its left. Depending on the terminal, the item may also be shown in inverse video.

Scroll symbols will appear in the lower right border of a form frame if a scrollable multi-line field is current. Although not shown in the figure, scroll symbols will appear to the right of a field if a scrollable single-line field is current. For a discussion of scrollable form fields, see ``Form frames''.

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