Programming tips and known problems

Miscellaneous known problems

Broadcast messages from root (for example, ones sent using the wall (1) command) may not be readable while an FMLI application is running, and can corrupt the screen. Users of your FMLI application should be warned that this can happen and that they can access the command line with <CTRL-j> and execute the refresh command to redraw the screen.

FMLI does not recognize EOF on its input stream, so the only way that piped input can cause an fmli execution to properly terminate is for a correct string issuing an exit command to reach FMLI at the right time (for example, <CTRL-j> exit, when the operation to go to the command line is recognizable). If the exit is not executed, the FMLI session will hang and must be terminated with the kill(1) utility.

Although FMLI Release 4.0 and 4.0+ work with the shell job control feature of UNIX System V Release 4, an FMLI session cannot be started in the background, using a command of the form

fmli Menu.1 &

It can be started in the foreground, interrupted with the <CTRL-Z> key, and then put in the background using the bg utility.

Characters that are special to FMLI (such as \) may require unreasonable and seemingly arbitrary escaping backslashes to be correctly assigned to variables or used as arguments.

If FMLI is running in a dynamically resizable window (for example, under layers or xterm), it will not recognize a new window size if the window is enlarged or shrunk; this may cause corruption.

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